Five signs that you’ve outgrown your sales proposal system.

How to spot when you have outgrown your sales proposal software

It may not be this obvious you have outgrown yours sales proposal software

When your sales representatives are using a sales proposal system that’s outdated,  it’s difficult for them to prepare timely and accurate proposals. Customers are disappointed and deals are lost.

Be on the lookout for a few key signs that you’ve outgrown your current system:

Responses are slow:   Sales reps using outdated solutions scramble to collect the information they need to prepare a sales proposal, hunting for product and pricing information.  While the reps are searching through paper forms, Word documents, email, spreadsheets, and sticky notes, the customer selects another vendor or puts off their purchase entirely.

Responses are inaccurate:   Sales proposals created with outdated homegrown systems make it difficult for salespeople to retrieve up-to-date information on products and customers’ purchase history.  The result:  proposals are inaccurate and don’t meet the prospect’s requirements.

Responses are inconsistent and unprofessional:  An outdated system makes it tough to prepare sales proposals that are consistent.  They look different from one rep to another, and from one deal to another.  This lack of consistency doesn’t present the kind of professionalism that inspires confidence and wins deals.

Deals fall through the cracks:  With an outdated system, sales representatives who are busy juggling a full pipeline of opportunities can let crucial details fall through the cracks.  Deadlines and commitments are missed and deals are lost.

Sales managers are caught by surprise:   Homegrown systems can hide critical information from sales managers.  They can’t see when deals are at risk and need special attention.  Working in the dark, they can’t provide support when it’s needed, track the pipeline, and create accurate sales forecasts.

Five Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Old Sales Proposal System discusses these problems with homegrown systems.  It also offers guidance on how to select a more effective, automated sales proposal solution.

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