How to Ensure Sales Quotations Are Created Quickly, Accurately and Delivered Instantly.

Neat Quotes delivers sales quotations instantly.

Create sales quotations quickly, accurately & deliver instantly.

Some sales people still rely on Microsoft Word and Excel to create client proposals and quotes, but in today’s competitive online environment, an increasing number of businesses are turning to new technology and software. The smart solution is cloud-based sales quotation software. It’s the most effective way to ensure your business can create and deliver quick and accurate sales quotations either in the office or remotely.

What Exactly Is Cloud-Based Sales Quotation Software?

The sales process relies on various streams of data and can be a complex operation, from capturing qualified leads, nurturing the lead and managing quotes, to closing deals. There are now numerous cloud-based sales applications to track and manage sales but not all include the ability to generate sales quotations.

Professional software, like Neat Quotes offered by Layton Technology, lets your team create, revise, send, and track multiple sales quotations with ease. Team members can also update information about future prospects, leads, calls, and sales, so that everyone is up to speed in real time. This enables your team to handle sales from the initial inquiry  to the close of every sale, all from one centralized location.

The Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Software for Sales Quotations:

While desktop applications or locally installed software can be useful, a  cloud-based solution can reduce maintenance overheads (there is no software to install and update), and a secure online location gives you peace of mind. Your team can also access the software from any location.

Increase Conversion Rates

Improving the speed and accuracy of sales quotations leaves a sales force free to explore more valuable leads through a variety of channels. The cloud-based software helps sales people track qualified leads from online advertising or email  campaigns reducing the need for cold calling, which is generally less effective.

Work More Efficiently as a Team

Whether you want to keep track of individual deals or the entire sales process, software like Neat Quotes enables users to see live data on all sales opportunities, meaning all the sales team can support each other to reach sales goals.

Save Time

Using a tool that is specialized for the task of creating quotes and proposals is a much more efficient and cost-effective way to handle the sales process. With automatic follow-up procedures and all communications, including email, in one place you don’t waste time searching or transferring information.  You also don’t waste time writing reports and you can reduce the need for regular meetings as all information is immediately available.

Easily Recommend Related Products

Sales reps can quickly create complex sales quotations by picking products or services from a customized online catalog. The software can be easily updated to include the latest product information so sales reps have all the relevant data at their fingertips in order to make quick and accurate quotes. You can also automatically include related product information to increase the number of up sells.

Works Across Multiple Locations

If you do business internationally, it’s important that your software is universal so it can handle multiple currencies and geographical locations. The sales team can easily update contact information so that quotes are dealt with using the correct currency and most relevant address.

The Bottom Line

With extra features that enable customers to engage with agents via sales quotations, and flexible payment options that simplify the sales process, cloud-based sales quotation software is revolutionizing the way businesses sell. It keeps everyone in the loop and helps reps spend more time closing sales and less time on administration.