Is your CRM for Sales Reps Holding them Back?

Help your sales reps give them Neat Quotess

Is your CRM holding back your sales reps?

Picking the right CRM tool is key to boosting productivity. Some CRM systems are easy to use but lack the functionality, while other systems are so complicated, they take too much time to set up and maintain. It’s important to choose a CRM for sales reps that is specifically designed to support the sales process; this way, they will find it much easier to use and keep up to date throughout the sales cycle.

Some companies still use old systems that were developed in-house, utilizing word documents, spreadsheets, emails, and several other applications, where important information about customers and products can be hard to find. The key to increasing productivity is to find a CRM system that your salespeople will actually use.

More Than Just a Sales Management Tool

Some people still see CRM software as just a tool for sales managers to keep an eye on the activities of their salespeople. But when you’re using the right system correctly, it actually becomes an invaluable sales tool. Storing valuable sales data all in one place makes a system like Neat Quotes ideal for not only the sales team, but also finance and other departments. Email correspondence, contact details, activity records, and reminders are all held together in one neat package. It’s the ideal way to process sales enquiries through to completion and monitor your relationships with customers.

Why Choose a Cloud-Based CRM System?

Why not let someone else be responsible for the hardware and software and manage the updates and backups? If you don’t have cloud-based software, you’ll know how much time and resources are needed to maintain hardware platforms and software applications. Losing valuable sales data because of a simple computer malfunction can be disastrous for your reputation. Important client emails, proposals, telephone records all live in the CRM software. Can you really afford to risk losing this valuable data? With a cloud-based CRM sales system your team can access the system at any time, from any browser, device, and location. Furthermore, all things considered such as hardware costs and staffing resources, cloud-based business software costs considerably less than in-house software.

Boost Productivity With Dynamic CRM Features

If you want your salespeople to be more productive and not constrained by confusing or inefficient software, use a CRM system designed specifically for them. Does your CRM system help you achieve all of the following?

  • Capture more hot leads. You need to be able to create custom web forms to easily embed on your website and other online channels. This helps you build a list of qualified leads around the clock.
  • Track every email. When incoming sales emails are routed directly into the application, no one will ever miss an email. You can keep track of all correspondence from one location.
  • Quickly access your product catalog. When you can easily bring up your product database for instant quotations, it saves time and makes your quotes more accurate. Easily quote specifications, SKUs, prices, and even convert currencies. Up selling is also made easier.
  • Track your progress. Are all your quotations and contacts organized in order to see a complete overview of each sales cycle? When you can track live sales information, you have a much clearer view of the sales history and future sales opportunities.


Choosing the right CRM will help you capture valuable information about your customers and prospects, and build stronger customer relationships. The key is to ensure the software meets the needs of your salespeople. Find a system that people will use with enthusiasm and you can dramatically enhance sales efficiency and customer service, which ultimately translates to more profit.